June 6, 2023

Top Things you Need to know about Replacement Windows

One of the best investments you can make in your home are replacement windows because they can provide added comfort, update the look of your home, save energy and also give a boost to your home’s value. While you can look through your windows on a daily basis, knowing when and how they should be replaced is not always easy to see. Lots of homeowners are unsure of when it is time to go for replacement windows and have other concerns that need to be addressed. Some of the top things you need to know are highlighted as follows.

Best time

The first thing that many homeowners wonder about is the best time for putting in replacement windows. It is possible to do this task at any time during the year, but autumn is usually considered the best season for doing so. Professionals can install replacement windows relatively easily and quickly and they can take steps to ensure that not a lot of cold or hot air gets into the house. This means that the outside temperature does not really matter, but you do need the weather to be dry and autumn is when the weather is both mild and dry, making it the best time to put in replacement windows.

Types of replacement windows

When it comes to replacement windows, you will find that there are two types that exist. First, there are full frame windows that are used in remodeling or new construction. These full frame windows are used if the entire window frames have to be replaced, including the window panes and this can be more expensive. But, if existing frames do not require replacement, then insert windows are used. Also known as pocket windows, these can be directly installed into the existing window frames. They are a lot cheaper and can provide the same aesthetic and energy-efficiency benefits.


One of the most important questions that homeowners have about replacement windows is whether it is worth it or not. You should note that old windows become inefficient and leaky and installing new ones can help you get an 80% return on investment, especially when you decide to sell your home in the future. In addition, you will also be able to save significantly in terms of your energy bill, which means the cost of window replacement will be offset in no time.

Repair or replace?

A big dilemma that homeowners have to deal with when it comes to windows is whether to repair them or go for replacement. If you seek advice from a window replacement company, they would ask you to replace, while a repair firm is likely to suggest repairs. However, the decision depends on the condition of the windows. Consider the amount of repairs they need and how much it will cost and then do a comparison with the cost of replacement. If there is not much of a difference, then the latter is a better option. If the damage is minimal, then repairs might be a better option.