June 24, 2024

5 Tips for Maximizing Sales Performance With SPOTIO

Boosting your sales revenue is one of the very important goals for any business. There are several different ways that can serve this purpose for you.

Among those are sales enablement, customer experience, cross-functional alignment, and company culture. I’ll also discuss some other variables that contribute to top-notch sales performance.

1.Invest in Sales Enablement

Investing in sales enablement is an investment in helping your team eventually scale up. This means better aligning your marketing and sales teams to develop content and training tailored to the personas and pain points of your target audience.

A good sales enablement process will increasingly marry the need to provide sellers with the right product messages and technology that can enable sellers to close early. Ask us today how Seismic can help you.

2.Automate Non-Selling Activities

There are only so many hours in a day, and opportunities for non-selling activity are plentiful – so automating these activities helps salespeople focus more time on lead generation and lead nurture.

SFAs prepare field sales managers to identify areas of improvement in their department which can eventually elevate their sales quotas if they keep the metrics and tools they use up-to-date.

4.Focus on Customer Experience

As far as any business is concerned, providing a positive customer experience is of the utmost importance. A good customer experience can be the ultimate booster to increase sales, as well as contribute to employee satisfaction and build your brand reputation.

Those same happy customers will be more likely to recommend you to others, creating a virtuous cycle in which your business grows by attracting variety and diversity – and, hopefully, additional revenue streams. Find out more about how to make the most of your revenue by putting the customer experience first in the latest e-book from TEFL Equity.

The customer experience is each consumer’s collection of contacts with – whether it’s a support call, an ad they saw, or anything in between – your company.

5.Take a Cross-Functional Approach

Working cross‑functionally enables us to reduce team and information silos; it helps people relate their work to a bigger picture. Imagine an organisation in which every product decision reflects the findings of its marketing campaigns, its sales discussions, its user demographics and more. That’s the power of working cross-functionally, and that’s one way in which it can improve the customer experience.

6.Put Your People First

But just besides putting people first as a mantra or operational decision, it’s a mindset where employees, co-workers, vendors and customers are considered prior to business decisions.

People first business still need to make (sometimes unpopular) benefit-switching, product-discontinuation type decisions It is about looking after yourself too.

8.Take Advantage of Every Sales Channel

Sales reps often have pressure from quotas they have to hit, this becomes worse when you are selling on multiple channels. Every channel can benefit a better sales performance by a higher number of transactions. This can be done through better customer service, more repeating purchases, or buy-ones-get-one, coupons, or discounts. Click here to see learn how SPOTIO can increase sales performance for your field sales.

9.Invest in Sales Enablement

Regret-detection marketing helps sales teams get the ROI they deserve from sales enablement programs when content directly aims at buyers’ regrets. Targeting buyer regrets helps you attract more prospects, increase engagement, reduce costly regrettable attrition, and maximise revenue.

Better yet, sales enablement helps sales teams work more efficiently behind the scenes. A robust sales enablement tool such as Showpad can provide your sales team with all the granular marketing content and customer data at their fingertips.

10.Automate Non-Selling Activities

These repetitive jobs include entering data in the CRM to log calls with the customers, inputting sales lead details, maintaining reports of meetings and follow-ups, writing emails and chat responses to sales leads. By automating these jobs, a sales person would be able to spend more time selling rather than wasting time doing the repetitive tasks. This will not only enhance productivity but also accelerate the overall cycle time to convert sales.

Field sales managers can leverage analytics to remain in-tune with a sales rep’s hourly output or lag, to pinpoint or predict areas of inefficiency, and perhaps coach towards greater output.