May 24, 2024

Entertainment City Amusement Park

It was a sunny day but there were no children in sight at Entertainment City, Islam’s answer to Disneyland. Looted and ransacked by Iraqi forces during their invasion of Kuwait in 1990, it is now a quiet, trash-strewn ghost town.

The complex consists of TGIP mall, amusement park, water park, Gardens Galleria mall and go-karting area. It provides rides for all age groups.

Theme Park

A theme park is an area of land devoted to providing widely varied forms of entertainment. It is a more elaborate and permanent establishment than temporary funfairs and carnivals and often offers attractions that are designed to appeal to specific age groups. In addition to an amusement park, theme parks can include a water park, go-kart track, and a shopping mall.

Kuwait Entertainment City is a large park that has zones dedicated to different age groups and features rides, restaurants, and retail outlets. The park is also a popular venue for theme parties and corporate events. The park is located within a short drive from New Delhi International Airport and has a monorail system to get visitors around the complex.

Unlike traditional amusement parks, which are built for short-term operation, theme parks are designed with a central theme and have multiple areas that revolve around the theme. Some of the world’s most famous theme parks are Disney parks, Universal Studios parks, and Six Flags parks. However, there are many smaller theme parks that focus on specific niches.

The majority of the park’s revenue comes from admission fees and ticket sales. Guests are generally required to pay a single price that allows them to use most of the attractions, including the park’s flagship roller coasters, for a certain period of time. Additionally, some parks offer season tickets that provide unlimited admission for a set amount of time and express passes that let visitors skip the line queues for popular attractions.

Water Park

If you’re a fan of water parks, you should check out the Water Park at Entertainment city amusement park. This 147-acre complex features fascinating rides at the water park, amusement park and go-karting. It also has a mall, restaurants and other activities. It is the perfect place to take your family for a fun day out.

This South Jersey construction-themed amusement park boasts an adjoining water park with plenty of wet-and-wild action for the whole family. Its Water Main is complete with a tot splash area, main pool and slide tower. There are also pool activities, including a challenge course and basketball. Cabana rentals are available, too. Admission to the water park is included in the price of a theme park ticket.

Kuwait Entertainment City has several roller coasters, including Flying Dragon, Lightning and Oasis Express. Its resemblance to Disneyland is no coincidence; the park was designed by VTN, which also helped create Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. During the seven-month period that the park was open, Iraqi forces took many of the rides and shipped them back to their homeland.

Go Karting

Satisfy a need for speed with family-friendly go-karting tracks. Whether you’re looking for an indoor track that doesn’t require getting dressed up or an outdoor venue that’s perfect for hot summer days, these NYC attractions have what you need to take your racing skills to the next level.

It’s a great group activity: A fun way to bond with friends and family while enjoying an adrenaline-pumping race against your rivals. Go-karting also improves your vehicle control and driving skills, as well as increases your confidence. And it’s a safe activity for all ages, provided that you follow the safety rules.

Entertainment city Noida is an all-in-one entertainment space with fascinating rides at the amusement park and water park, a five-star hotel, and a shopping mall. It also houses a bowling arena, a movie hall, a pub lounge, and a fine dining restaurant.

The 147-acre complex is divided into sections that cater to different age groups and interests. It offers a family zone, children’s zone, arrival village, lake, and water park. It also has a go-karting track and Gardens Galleria mall. It also hosts a number of events and theme parties.


Kidzania is a children’s edutainment park that’s set up like a city, built for kids, and run by kids. It teaches them the inner-workings of a city through ultra-realistic role-play, helping them to choose a profession and manage money. Kidzania also promotes sustainability through partnerships with real businesses. The city has its own currency, KidZos, which kids can use to buy things at various locations.

This child-friendly destination is perfect for kids aged 4-14, and it’s a great way to get them excited about careers. They can become firefighters, police officers, chocolate chefs, and more! The activities last between 10 and 30 minutes, and the kids get paid for their work. The best part is that kids don’t have to be accompanied by an adult!

The entrance fee is based on how much time you want to spend in Kidzania. There are a variety of passes to choose from, including the 5 hour pass and 3 hour pass.

To book your tickets, visit the official website of Kidzania DelhiNCR. Enter the required details & click ‘Checkout’. After making payment, you will receive a Transaction ID via SMS/Email. You can then present the Transaction ID at the Ticket Window at Kidzania. Make sure you reach the venue well in advance of your shift start time.