July 14, 2024

Top 5 Computer Learning Apps For Kids

The best computer learning apps for kids can help you teach your child how to use a computer in a fun and engaging way. These apps include Reading Eggs, Mathspace, RoboMind, Children’s Tech, and more. Read on to learn more about them. You’ll also find out how to download them for free!

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a computer learning app that has many benefits. The app has an enormous amount of content, linked to the website’s phonics programme. You can access all of this content for free, as long as you register on the website. There is a 30-day free trial available.

The game-like nature of Reading Eggs’s lessons make the learning experience highly engaging and motivating. The animated characters help guide you through the learning process and become increasingly challenging as the lessons progress. Each lesson has an avatar and a numbered “stage” or learning level. The program uses a multisensory learning approach, covering the auditory and visual learning styles. It also incorporates learning-by-doing methods into the game play.

The Reading Eggs computer learning app is free to download and use. The developer, Blake eLearning Pty Ltd., is a certified educational company. The official website for the program can be found here.


The Mathspace App is a learning tool for students that focuses on math. Students can use this app on their laptops much like they would on a smartphone. The installation process is similar to that for iOS and Android smartphones. Once installed, the Mathspace App can be accessed from your laptop’s home screen.

It combines three innovative resources: lessons, practice, and assessment. This allows students to practice their schoolwork and receive feedback immediately. It encourages self-directed learning by providing instant feedback and video support. This way, students can practice their math skills independently. Mathspace also helps teachers to evaluate students’ work, allowing them to see how well they are progressing.

Mathspace is available in the Google Playstore. It’s the top app in the Education category and has received positive reviews and ratings from users. It has more than 10,000 App installations on Google Play and an average user aggregate rating of 3.3 stars. While most apps are made specifically for mobile platforms, some can also be used on PC.


RoboMind is an application designed to help people learn how to code. It uses a two-dimensional grid world, and you can write scripts to instruct the robot to move around. The application includes a scripting language that supports conditional branching, loops, and calls to custom procedures. It also comes with an integrated text editor that offers syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and line numbering.

RoboMind can be used for a variety of school projects. It teaches logical thinking and problem solving. It also shows how theoretical aspects of logic can be applied to solve practical problems in industry. This makes RoboMind an excellent tool for schools that want to become tops in technology education.

Children’s Tech

Children’s Tech is a great source for computer learning apps for kids. This magazine reviews software designed for kids, and it also offers in-depth reviews based on learning level. The reviews aren’t sponsored by advertising, so you can be sure that the information on the site is unbiased.

It also includes a variety of educational activities. Kids can play games to learn about animals, numbers, and other things. These games can be downloaded on a tablet, phone, or computer. Children can also learn about the human body through interactive games. Children can explore the parts of the body and learn letters by drawing them on the screen or painting shapes with the app. Kids can also learn about logic, math, and emotional development through these games.

This app also teaches kids about computational thinking and programming. It offers the ability for kids as young as eight to learn computational thinking. It also helps them develop prosocial behaviors such as giving and receiving.


Looop, an Australian computer learning app, has launched an Android app and plans to expand to the U.K. in the next few months. It also plans to release an API within the next year. The company was founded by Ben Muzzell and Daniel Gray. It aims to help businesses automate compliance, onboarding, sales training, and partner education.

Looop’s built-in editor allows you to create training materials within the platform in minutes. You don’t need to know any design skills to create a quality resource – it automatically formats text and images and integrates external links and files. The simple interface enables you to put your employees in control of their training and create structured learning routes.