April 19, 2024

Free Online Business Courses

The Small Business Administration offers a variety of free business courses. The Business Legal Requirements course, for example, is a 16-part video series that will teach you about business legal requirements. Each video is three minutes long and easy to understand. It covers a variety of topics that may not be applicable to all businesses, but is a great start for someone with limited time.


Students who are interested in entrepreneurship can take courses to learn how to become an entrepreneur. These courses are designed to teach students how to identify new business opportunities and to apply professional training to the creation and management of new ventures. Students who take the Entrepreneurship in business courses also have the opportunity to interact with business leaders and faculty to gain insight into how successful entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

These courses typically start by introducing the concept of entrepreneurship, how to develop an idea, and the steps to launching a new business. The course then explores business strategy and dives into the numbers behind financial decisions. Students also learn about building a business from the ground up, how to raise capital, and how to expand operations.

Financial analysis

Almost every large corporation needs a financial analyst to manage and interpret the company’s financial data. The analyst’s job is to evaluate and explain the numbers to a target audience, which can be the company’s management, clients, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. The financial analyst’s skills will help him or her make smart decisions in the business world.

If you are interested in a career in finance or accounting, then a financial analysis course will help you to add value to your CV and to get noticed by potential employers. These courses are offered by world-class universities and training providers, and they will give you the necessary desk-ready skills to succeed. They will teach you how to read financial reports and understand how to forecast expenses and revenue. You will also learn about how to interpret complex financial information.


Sales training programs are an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of selling. These courses focus on the fundamentals of sales, such as how to make an initial impression, design a persuasive message, respond to objections and close the sale. They also focus on developing interpersonal and communication skills. In addition, these programs offer a thorough grounding in leadership and supervision, which is vital in a sales position.

There are a number of online courses that are targeted at sales professionals. One such course is the IMPACT framework, which teaches salespeople how to improve sales and increase their margins by using the principles of relationship selling. This sales training course, developed by Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris, focuses on building personal relationships with customers.

Negotiating skills

One of the most important skills to develop is the ability to negotiate successfully. Learning how to negotiate can help you in your career and personal relationships, but it can also help you in business. You can use these skills to make deals with others and secure better compensation. These skills can also help you in business negotiations when you need to meet critical business objectives. To improve these skills, you should practice them regularly.

Negotiation skills are vital to the success of any business and must be mastered. It takes years of experience and exposure to become an expert in this field. Business courses should teach students how to effectively negotiate for success in their careers. For example, the Executive MBA program at Washington State University’s Carson College of Business provides a curriculum designed to teach students how to deal with the most prominent business situations.

Entrepreneurship at NYU Stern

Entrepreneurship at NYU Stern is a STEM-certified four-year program that offers students the opportunity to blend liberal arts and business courses. The program is designed to develop the next generation of business leaders. Students have the opportunity to take elective courses in entrepreneurship and technology, as well as global immersion programming.

One of the most popular courses, “Entrepreneurship in the United States,” guides students through the startup process. Additionally, Cynthia serves as the faculty director of the Executive MBA Capstone Course, which provides senior management with a firsthand experience of the entrepreneurial process. The Berkley Center also hosts the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge Venture Competition, a venture mentor network, and startup assistance programs.

Harvard Business School

At Harvard Business School, students learn about various subjects through cases. In fact, almost half of the grade for many HBS courses is based on class participation. Students are expected to contribute their ideas and opinions to the case discussions. These discussions are crucial to the course’s learning model. At Harvard Business School, students do 85 percent of the talking, and the professor mainly steers the conversation by observing occasionally. The diverse backgrounds of HBS students enrich the class discussion. As a result, students are often amazed at the ideas they exchange with their classmates.

Students learn about different aspects of business through the case method, where students analyze real-world business cases and analyze their results. Students also get practical experience by working in teams with real firms to complete business projects. Ultimately, Harvard Business School offers MBA and doctoral degrees. Moreover, students can enroll in joint degree programs with other schools to gain more knowledge.


If you want to learn how to manage a business, edX has an extensive range of business courses. For example, a course in business model development can lead to certification. Another course in business strategy focuses on data and analytics. Both courses provide a solid foundation in the principles of business modeling and incorporate real-world data technology.

The edX business courses are available to both students and professionals. For those who already have an undergraduate degree, edX offers several Micro Master’s in business. The Business Management sequence includes the most essential business skills, including operations management, people management, corporate finance, and strategic management. In addition, edX offers several courses in marketing management.